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Of Friendship & Brotherhood

An Anecdote of Pakistan-Turkiye Friendship

“İyi dostu olanın aynaya gereksinimi yoktur” (“The one who has a good friend does not need a mirror.)


The recent floods have brought Pakistan at crossroads with yet another national catastrophe in the 21st century. Climate change-induced floods caused by extraordinary monsoon downpours, and glacial melting directly impacted one-third of Pakistan; a populace of 33 million suffered on every conceivable level. At such a critical juncture, over the past few weeks, the people of Turkiye have stood by our side to provide relief and rehabilitate the affected people. This endeavor has led to countless heart warming and soul touching tales like the one of the daughter of Captain Mikail Turkmen, before he left for Pakistan to help the flood affectees.
“So you are flying to help the kids in Pakistan, dad?”, she asks.
“Yes sweetheart!  I am taking a little trip to Pakistan to help kids like you who have lost their homes to floods”, he responds while lifting her into his arms.
“Daddy, could you take my toys too, and give them to the kids who lost them in the floods? Please?” She enquires with empathetic eyes.
“Of course! I can, my love”, he looks away with teary eyes while kissing her on the forehead.
Such stories bind our two great nations together unlike anything. We treasure such a deep, sincere, and brotherly relationship with the great people of Turkiye, and, we shall always remember this act of humanity and friendship.


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