Nation's Pride

My Identity, My Pakistan

I am a Hindu but I am Pakistani first; as my other fellow Pakistanis are – Pakistan binds us all in the same pearl irrespective of our caste or creed. Pakistan Armed Forces are my second identity.


Since childhood I was attracted towards military uniform. I used to wish that I may also put on this graceful uniform and join the prestigious family of Pakistan Armed Forces. With every passing day, my passion intensified, and I was further attracted and motivated to join the armed forces. But I was disappointed and depressed when one of my colleagues misled me that the minorities could not join Pakistan Armed Forces. Consequently, I chose to become a doctor as suggested by my parents. But my desire to join forces was never quenched. And one day, I got this pleasant information that there was no religious bar on minorities in joining Pakistan Army. I immediately applied for the post of GDMO (General Duty Medical Officer) despite the resistance from my parents/relatives as I had already completed my MBBS and was planning to go abroad for further studies. But my love for my motherland and desire to serve my people motivated me to join Pakistan Army as its the best institution where one can fulfill his passion with dignity and pride. Ultimately! I succeeded and my dream of wearing the elegant khaki came true.

Today, I feel distinguished, honoured and confident everyday when I put on the uniform. It gives me immense pleasure when I found my parents feel proud of me and the relatives who also wish to join the Armed Forces.

When I got selected for Pakistan Army and received the call letter for training at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, besides happiness I was extremely tensed with multiple thoughts in mind that how I would adjust there, how people there would treat me, etc. Finally, with strong will and motivation, I joined the PMA and successfully completed the training. In the beginning, I felt that the training was being very tiring and hard, but gradually I started enjoying it especially with the realization of the importance of training for changing an ordinary person into a soldier. It was the wonderful and memorable time that I spent at the PMA. I also proudly want to make a mention here – full care and respect was accorded to my religious beliefs and given ample opportunities to carry out my religious obligations and practices.

After completion of training at Pakistan Military Academy I was posted to CMH Malir. Thereafter, I was posted to Frontier Corps KPK, United Nations Peace Keeping Mission in Dafur (Sudan), and currently I am serving in Pakistan Air Force on secondment. I now have experience with the peoples of three different institutions i.e., Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, and Frontier Corps KPK. I always found out that except for a small number of people, all others are welcoming, accommodative and respect other religions.

The unforgettable and worthwhile experience I ever had was my posting to FC KPK and then deployment with unit at Mirali, North Waziristan Agency for almost three and half years. Initially when this posting was announced, my colleagues at CMH Malir got little worried considering the active involvement of FC KPK in the operation against militants. They suggested me to initiate an application for change of posting or at least request to FC’s authorities to place me at FC Headquarter, Peshawar. But I decided to move as per the orders. I had taken the oath to serve the motherland wherever and whenever told! I found FC troops extremely disciplined, cooperative, caring and mature. They were always willing to lay their life for me, and on my orders.

Serving in Pakistan Armed Forces provides an opportunity to defend and serve motherland like no other can do. Be it fighting the enemy, helping people in natural calamities all over the world or handling difficult law and order situations. Pakistan Army is not just a profession; it is the way of life. It deeply inculcates the ethos of loyalty, discipline, selflessness, integrity and personal courage. Pakistan Army is the perfect specimen of Quaid’s motto “Unity, Faith and Discipline”.

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