Kashmir Premier League Season 2: A Synonym of Peace and Festivity in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir Premier League has provided an opportunity to not only the young talent to showcase its skills, but also to the people all over world to witness the natural beauty of AJK and the air of freedom it breathes, compared to the Modi regime’s atrocities in IIOJK. 

After the successful and landmark achievements of Kashmir Premier League (KPL) season 1, season 2 is progressing with the same zeal and fervor. The first season projected a token of association and sentiments from Pakistan showing solidarity with the people of Kashmir. It reflected a soft image in the international cricketing community. Kashmiri nation, in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) which is being suppressed by Indian atrocities since 1947, being deprived of joy, festivity, international events and sports, is witnessing peace, prosperity and festivity on the other side of the border, in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Hence, it’s KPL which is providing the world a new model and a platform of peace and harmony for the region and Kashmiri people. The event successfully internationalized Kashmir in a new paradigm and is promoting Kashmir’s importance, scenic beauty, vibrant society, culture, food and talent globally. The event has provided the young cricket talent of AJK with an opportunity to attract world’s attention towards peace, harmony, festivity and scenic beauty of AJK. 
The celebration and jubilation on August 14, the 75th Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan’s independence, was unprecedentedly distinguished in AJK. The 75th Independence Day was celebrated in true letter and spirit across Azad Kashmir as a Solidarity Day between Pakistan and Kashmir. Independence rallies with the slogan “Kashmir baney ga Pakistan” were held across AJK. Amazing fireworks and illumination at Earthquake Memorial Bridge, Naluchi was worth seeing, reflecting the jubilation and affiliation of Kashmiris with Pakistan. The Pakistani flags hoisted inside the cricket stadium and outside on the houses and streets was a real manifestation of the bond of love and solidarity with Pakistan. Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Azad Kashmir were like its beauty, to be seen and to be believed. Meanwhile, not mentioning oppression, exploitation and enslavement in IIOJK would be dishonesty with Kashmir and the Kashmiri nation. The fascist Indian government is pursuing policies of violence and state terrorism. The scenic beauty of Muzaffarabad and its surroundings is so mesmerizing and enchanting that it compels everyone to visualize the beauty of IIOJK, which has been turned into hell due to the Indian atrocities.
Jammu and Kashmir, the land of chinars and saffron, sufis and saints, famous for its diversified beauty, landscapes and culture, its scenic views, snow-clad mountains, lush green valleys and rhyming cliffs truly brands it as a paradise on earth. The natural beauty that largely remained unexplored is being unveiled to the world because of KPL. What a tragedy that one part of Kashmir is serene and peaceful, while the other is passing through endless trauma and crisis of humanity. In AJK, people are witnessing the colors of joys and sports, but in IIOJK, bitter haunting silence is prevailing. Now it’s the right time that the world must know the real face of India. The world is witnessing that IIOJK is a highly militarized area, truly termed as the world’s largest open air prison.
KPL is a real befitting response against India’s August 5 act of demographic exploitation of IIOJK and provided great respite to the Kashmiri community. KPL proved to be a ray of hope for the entire Kashmiri community and is conveying the message of Kashmiri identity, ideology and the right of self-determination.
KPL proved to be a great success as it was intended – to promote peace, prosperity and sports in Kashmir. Not only did the Kashmiri local talent emerged from the league, but the local industry, culture and economic activities also got a boost during the league.
The successful conduct of KPL season 2 can make it an epoch-making event in the history of cricket. The interest of local Kashmiri public, diaspora, international sports lovers and players can make KPL a competitor cricket league. To sum up, KPL brings colors, peace and prosperity in AJK.


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