Special Reports

International Group of Journalists, Ambassadors and Defence Attachés Visits Balakot and Swat

Agroup of international media journalists – mostly India based, Ambassadors and Defence Attachés of various countries in Pakistan visited the impact site of Indian air violation of February 26 near Jabba, Balakot. DG ISPR briefed the group about details of the event, negating repeated false Indian claims with ground realities. Visitors were shown bomb craters of the Indian air strike attempt in open spaces with no loss to life or infrastructure, showing evidence against the continual denials from India.

This group also visited the nearby madrassa falsely claimed by India for having been struck by the strike killing scores of terrorists. Visitors freely interacted with young students and teachers of the madrassa standing on untouched ground. DG ISPR reiterated, “Instead of pursuing false claims India should accept the reality, become a responsible state for peace in the region and should especially look inward to identify reasons for out of hand situation inside Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.”

Later, the group visited APS Swat, a state-of-the-art educational facility with computer and science labs, auditorium and a sports stadium. The school was established by Pakistan Army for the resilient people of Swat in recognition of their contributions and sacrifices as well as part pf the reconstruction efforts to rebuild educational institutions and other infrastructure targeted by terrorists during the unrest.

The group also visited Sabaoon (morning light) de-radicalization centre in Malakand, a rehabilitation facility for psychologically treating indoctrinated juveniles, helping them return to normal life and becoming useful members of the society.


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