Humanitarian Efforts of the Pakistani Contingent in Darfur

Limb-saving Treatment Provided to a Young Patient by PFH-11

Darfur is one of those regions where inter and intra-tribal violence has claimed many lives. The tribes living near Kabkabiya Camp are no exception to this sad reality.
One such threat of tribal rivalries flaring up again was mitigated recently with the assistance of Pakistan Field Hospital (PFH)-11 in the Kabkabkiya Camp. Tensions arose when Yahya, a 12-year-old child, met a traffic accident due to negligence of a member from the rival family, sustaining multiple fractures in his left leg. Recognizing the severity of the child’s injuries, the victim’s lack of resources for treatment and the possibility of conflict between the victim’s family and the accused – both belonging to Fur Tribe – the UN peacekeeping authorities at Kabkabiya Camp brought the victim to PFH-11 for effective and timely treatment.
The victim was quickly evaluated and provided treatment for his displaced, comminuted midshaft fracture of left tibia and fracture of junction proximal third of shaft of left fibula by a team of surgeons and anaesthesiologists on July 1, 2019. The operation went smoothly with instructions for follow-up care at the hospital at prescribed intervals. With the care and treatment of the PFH-11 team the patient was saved from disability.
Humanitarian efforts such as these help further reassure the locals of the commitment of the Pakistani Contingent to peace in Darfur.

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