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In spite of both external and internal challenges, this 6 September we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Defence Day with a renewed confidence and self-belief that we are a nation no different from 1965. The September is characterized by unflinching spirit of sacrifice for the Motherland, national unity and resolve attributed to the people and the Armed Forces of Pakistan. We are fighting a war on our Western front, witnessing continuous provocations on the Eastern front, and at the same time combating internal challenges, yet as a nation we symbolize resilience, courage and optimism. We are the nation that has withstood all challenges with immense fortitude, and the will to fight and succeed. The same spirit and state of high morale was witnessed throughout Pakistan on this Independence Day.


On 6 September 1965, the enemy crossed the international borders without any prior warning violating the Geneva Convention. The enemy dreaming to celebrate in the Lahore Gymkhana could never even dare to cross the BRB Canal. The force that planned to capture Sialkot; found it miserably pinned-down with burning knocked-down tanks, scattered dead and abandoned Prisoners of War. In this war, our valiant armed forces defeated a much bigger enemy intoxicated by power and arrogance.


In September 2015, we face a new set of challenges. Failing in conventional mode, our enemies have resorted to ‘proxy wars’. This is the indirect approach which uses both hard and soft power. This new mode of confrontation involves all means including support to anti-state elements, abetting terrorism, providing fuel to political violence, attacks on very basis and ideological foundations of the nation, and cultural invasion etc. But despite this all, we are overcoming these troubles highly successfully.


We Pakistanis as a nation have travelled a long way in these 50 years. We are a nuclear power, possess advance missile technology and proud of our battle-hardened military; fully capable and determined to take on all challenges. The successes of Zarb-e-Azb are a befitting response to all the plans of putting Pakistan in a dilemma by opening the Western front. Indian’s negative designs in Balochistan are also well checked. The militants will be fully eliminated soon. Peace has returned to Swat; FATA is witnessing last blows to the enemy; and, in Karachi the people are already rejoicing peace. Today as a nation we stand in unison with spirits rejuvenated and hopes rekindled.

Long Live Pakistan!

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