Commander Turkish Air Force Visits Air Headquarters

A delegation led by the Commander of the Turkish Air Force, General Ziya Cemal Kadioğlu, visited the office of the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu, on October 18, 2023. The meeting covered a wide array of matters related to the geostrategic situation, the progress of current joint ventures, and the exploration of further avenues of collaboration in the aviation industry. The discussion also involved an exchange of insights from both dignitaries on the operational training of their respective air forces against the backdrop of PAF's ongoing mega aerial exercise, Indus Shield-2023, which is being observed by dignitaries from around the globe. Both commanders also agreed to explore additional avenues of bilateral cooperation, including collaboration for the joint production of military hardware, with a special focus on unmanned aerial platforms.

On his arrival, a smartly turned out contingent of PAF presented guard of honor to General Ziya Cemal Kadioğlu. Later, the visiting dignitary was introduced to the Principal Staff Officers. 
During the meeting, CAS, Pakistan Air Force (PAF), shared the framework of PAF's comprehensive modernization strategy involving procurements of technological equipment from allied countries, bolstering critical infrastructure and a comprehensive restructuring of its training set-up, in order to address contemporary air warfare challenges. CAS highlighted that both brotherly countries enjoy long-standing religious and historic ties, which are manifested through unprecedented strategic partnership. Appreciating the participation of Turkish Air Force in Exercise Indus Shield-2023, he reiterated his resolve to further enhance the existing bilateral relations in military-to-military cooperation, strategic alliance and the training domain. He further remarked that PAF pilots are playing an active role in providing basic and tactical level training to Turkish aircrew. He reiterated PAF’s commitment to provide training and capacity-building assistance to the Turkish Air Force.
Commander Turkish Air Force, who is on his maiden visit to Pakistan, commended the professionalism of PAF and acknowledged its rising indigenous capacity in the aviation industry. He also expressed keen interest in the National Aerospace Science and Technology Park (NASTP) and appreciated the unwavering commitment of the Air Chief in making this project a huge success. The visiting dignitary further affirmed that the ongoing exercise Indus Shield-2023 hosted by PAF, would be a way forward to further consolidate the existing bond of brotherhood and military ties between the two countries in addition to enhancing the operational readiness of the participating air forces.
During his visit, the Turkish Air Force Commander also visited various installations and technological infrastructure established at Air Headquarters, Islamabad, including PAF's National ISR and Integrated Air Operations Centre and PAF's Cyber Command. General Ziya Cemal Kadioğlu also visited NASTP, which is a major landmark in Pakistan's journey towards progress and is all set to play a pivotal role in shaping the country's aerospace industry, fostering strategic partnerships and contributing to the economic growth of Pakistan.
The visit of Turkish Air Force Commander to Pakistan signifies a resolute commitment from both nations to reinforce their strategic partnership through fostering collaboration and promoting robust relations between their respective Air Forces. 

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