Commander Peshawar Corps Meets with Tribal Elders

Commander Peshawar Corps, Lieutenant General Hassan Azhar Hayat, visited Swat and met tribal elders and notables of Malakand, Buner, Shangla and Mardan. The Corps Commander appreciated local elders for their all out and unflinching support to the security forces during the war against terrorism, particularly during Swat operations.

The swift and unparalleled successes in Swat against terrorists was only possible because the locals fought shoulder to shoulder with security forces. After successful completion of operations and return of normalcy, the peaceful transition was ensured by civil administration and Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs). Pakistan Army will do everything possible to ensure that no one takes law in his own hands, disturbing the hard earned peace and economic activities vital for livelihood of the local population. The tribal elders showed complete confidence and assured that they will fully support security forces and other LEAs.

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