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Pakistani Peacekeepers Deliver Medical Assistance to Locals at Kabkabiya, Sortony

Free medical camp was organized by a medical team of Pakistani Peacekeepers ex Pakistan Battalion-8 (one of UNAMID’s high performance units) on September 9, 2019. It was set up with the goal to offer medical sustenance to the indigent people and IDPs of Sortony Team Site. Pakistani doctors and medical staff provided free medical treatment and medicines to 771 patients (383 men, 297 women and 91 children) in assistance of the locals. PakBatt-8 frequently organizes such philanthropic activities for the benefit of the local populace. This medical camp was organized in synchronization with UNAMID’s relevant sections and local Sudanese administration. A number of IPOs and MILOBs of Sortony also volunteered for the medical camp. The local community expressed their appreciation of UNAMID for this humanitarian assistance.

In the honor of United Nations International Peace Day the Pakistan Army Contingent organized the first-ever free eye camp in Kabkabiya, Northern Darfur under the flag of UNAMID on September 22, 2019. 

A team of doctors of PFH-11 headed by an experienced Ophthalmologist provided treatment to 1236 patients; more than 700 patients were exclusively treated for eye diseases. Around 534 patients of other diseases also benefited from this medical camp. Pakistani Healers distributed near vision glasses among the patients and also recommended follow-up consultations for some patients. 
The Executive Director, Police Commissioner, Shartai, IPOs, MILOBS and people serving in different sections of UNAMID participated in this extraordinary humanitarian event, and extolled the tenacious and solicitous efforts of Pakistani peacekeepers in maintaining peace and harmony.

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