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Captain Sikandar Sohail Shaheed: A Commander’s Farewell – An Ode to His Fallen Comrade from the Battlefield

Captain Sikandar Sohail was a Platoon Commander with a Special Operations Platoon under my command at Tank, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He conducted more than 20 successful Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) in the last one year and was an extremely brave and lionhearted young officer who always volunteered for operations, leading his team from the front. He embraced martyrdom during an IBO on September 29, 2021 at Boltanabad, Tank after killing a terrorist commander, ex Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, who was holed up underneath thick bushes and was taking advantage of the darkness. It was a daring action which cost Captain Sikandar Sohail his life but he accomplished his mission nonetheless. After his supreme sacrifice for the motherland, we actually realised that he was a chosen one and his different, brilliant and outstanding personality stood out extraordinarily. It is a huge loss but he made us all in uniform proud of him, ourselves and the professional army that we are serving. Here is an ode that I wrote on his shahadat straight from my heart:

You were like a son to me, sometimes,
 Like a loving brother, mostly, 
 Like a beloved, at times,
 You were my star, my hero, 
 You gleamed, you shined, 
 You led many operations, 
 Success was always your hallmark.

You were blessed with many virtues; 
 Steadfastness, cheerfulness, resilience, 
 Humility to the core, shyness at times,
 Religion was your sole guide,
 You prayed before every operation, 
 You were different; you were a chosen one.

You accompanied me on many travels,
You helped me in many feats,
You accomplished far and beyond, 
You led the way that we all yearn.

You roared like a lion in battle, 
But were otherwise calm like the air we breathe,
You hurried for operations like a blizzard, 
But were otherwise cool as fresh snow. 

You were always a volunteer, a warrior,
A willing worker, an accomplisher, 
You were a thorough gentleman,
A gem of a person, a performer,
Now I comprehend when I miss you.

Ah, Sikandar, we lost you forever, 
Never imagined your loss would hurt this severe, 
You shattered us, devastated us from within, 
But made us proud of your supreme sacrifice. 
Seems like many cuts on my heart, 
But your loss is completing us in many other ways.
What a resilient nation we are, I think, 
Where sons like Sikandar are born, 
What mothers nurture such sons, 
Who prefer dying for the motherland, 
They are neither afraid, nor bend down, 
They don't bow to terror, tyranny & trepidation.

City of Tank flocked to our place over your Shahadat,
Every mother has shed tears, I was told,
Individuals from all strata of society came to offer condolences, 
What a life, what a death, what a fulfillment,
What an honor, what an accomplishment, 
I marvel in solitude, in your remembrance.

You left for an eternal life, Oh Sikandar, 
But honored your colleagues and Commander. 
Your association, affiliation and attachment, 
Shall remain forever fresh and cherishing, 
Shuhada never die and live forever,
Says Allah in His Holy Book.

You breathed your last in my hands,
My hand pressed over your heart,
You took along a part of me, dear Sikandar, 
You entered eternity and fullness with honor and dignity. 
Left us hollow, but to complete your mission, 
We won't fail you, I give you my word, 
For many Sikandars have already been born, 
Adios, my son, the nation salutes you.

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