Beautiful Pakistan - Satpara Lake

Script and photos by: Faria Muzaffar Khan and Maj Ikrama bin Munnawar

Satpara is a natural lake situated some 7 kms from Skardu City at a height of 8700 feet, spread over an area of 2.5 km. A metalled road from Skardu leads to Satpara Lake which further leads to the Deosai plains. The lake is fed by Satpara stream, which emerges from the Deosai plains, thus becoming the main source of water for Skardu city as well. Surrounded by snow covered mountains, it is one of the most scenic and beautiful lakes of Pakistan. Locals believe there is a gold mine at bottom of the lake which makes its water shine and crystal clear. There also exists a beautiful island at the centre of the lake, accessible on boat. The lake is accessible in all weathers, however, mid July is the best time to visit. Fishing gear, row boats and motor boats are also available on rent, besides hotels and restaurants. Its breathtaking beauty attracts hundreds of tourists around the world annually.

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