Operation Sherdil Battle For Bajaur

Major General Abid Mumtaz

Since its inception Pakistan has suffered a series of shocks and setbacks. Some, a product of its own omissions and commissions and others because of external interests. Very few States have had to experience the trials and tribulations that Pakistan has had to with specific focus on post 1971 War. Pakistan was truncated by Indian machinations in 1971, was a frontline State in the resistance to the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan from 1979 to 1991, suffered the impact of over 3 million Afghan Refugees and an unstable Afghanistan till 2000 and then was once again a de-facto frontline State in a post 9/11 scenario. This was when the Arab spring began to unfold and very few realize that Pakistan was on the top of the menu. Maps were drawn up and disputes were played up. Though Afghanistan never recognized the Durand Line after 1947 with childish obstinacy in the face of historical, legal and ethnical realities, yet the intensity with which it was now being raised as a bone of contention was too sudden and very spontaneous. Indian involvement in Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltitstan became more and more violent. The animosity in the region was on account of the growing Chinese influence and the development of CPEC with Gwadar becoming the largest port in the world. Pakistan was becoming the pivot that was connecting the East to the West This could not be easily accepted by other powers.

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