Congregation of Bohra Community Held in Pakistan After 21 Years

Report By: Maryam Razzaq

The value of freedom to observe the religious congregations with peace and tranquility cannot be fathomed neither can it be expressed being a unique feeling within heart and soul. Intolerance in a society can be minimized through comprehensive campaign and by ensuring the writ of the state. As a response to volatile situation in the country, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) have successfully countered the threat and have been instrumental in defeating the nefarious designs of the terrorist organizations thereby creating peaceful environment for masses.


The negative propaganda by world's media aside, positive image of Pakistan has been acknowledged by the relevant quarters and the present influx of tourists and pilgrims visiting their Holy places inside Pakistan is a testimony to the trust displayed by them. The most recent example is of the 40,000 Bohras, including 12,000 Indians who gathered at Karachi to observe their annual congregation i.e., Ashara Mubaraka from September 16 to October 10, 2017.


Pakistan Army shouldered the responsibility to provide a peaceful and conducive environment to the participants during the period of their stay. The comprehensive security plans, seamless coordination amongst various elements of LEAs and Intelligence Agencies and its flawless execution has made the visit memorable as expressed by the visitors. Furthermore, the management of cross-border entrance through Joint Check Post Wagah of around 8000 Indian Bohra pilgrims has been applauded and appreciated by the visitors. The role of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) in establishing a facilitation center to ensure convenience and security of the visitors was hailed with gratitude and sense of relief by Bohra Community while departing for India.

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