Passing Out Parade at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul

Special Report By: Hilal Desk

The coveted Sword of Honour was awarded to Company Senior Under Officer (CSUO) Abdul Hanan Mustafa (136 PMA Long Course).
Company Senior Under Officer (CSUO) Muhammad Iqbal was awarded with President’s Gold Medal (136 PMA Long Course).

Passing Out Parade of 136th PMA Long Course, Graduate Course 36, Technical Graduate Course 29 and Integrated Course 55 was held at Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul on October 14, 2017. The cadets from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Turkmenistan and Libya were also among the passed out cadets.

General Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter, Chief of General Staff (CGS) UK Army was the chief guest on the occasion. The CGS UK Army reviewed the parade, gave awards to distinguished cadets and addressed the parade. The coveted Sword of Honour was awarded to Company Senior Under Officer Abdul Hanan Mustafa from 136th Long Course, the President’s Gold Medal to Company Senior Under Officer Muhammad Iqbal from 136th Long Course, the Overseas Gold Medal to Gentleman Cadet Hudayberenov Eresh from Turkmenistan (136th Long Course), the Chief of Army Staff Cane to Gentleman Cadet Muhammad Arslan Yousaf (Graduate Course 36), and Company Junior under Officer Saad Hamid (Technical Graduate Course 29) and the Commandant’s Cane for the best cadet was awarded to Gentleman Cadet Taimoor Azam Khan (Integrated Course 55).

The hallmark of passing out of 136th PMA Long Course is receiving the two prestigious awards, the Sword of Honour, and, President’s Gold Medal, by two ex-cadets of Military College Sui, Balochistan. On achieving these awards, both newly passed out officers shared that Military College Sui has provided them a platform to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to refine their skills. The College has been an emblem of hope for the disadvantaged and marginalized youth of Balochistan, readied to be integrated into the national mainstream by Pakistan Army since 2011. Through relentless efforts of Pakistan Army and FC Balochistan, the youth of Balochistan is being provided enabling and conducive environment to receive quality education at their doorstep particularly in remote areas. The two officers mentioned the tough competitive environment and merit-based evaluation system at PMA Kakul to assess the performance of the Gentleman Cadets. However, it were the traits of confidence, resilience and hard work, they learnt at Military College Sui, that helped them to perform in an exceptional manner during two years traning at PMA Kakul.

Both the officers, now 2/Lt Abdul Hanan Mustafa and 2/Lt Muhammad Iqbal have expressed firm resolve to serve the country and leave no efforts undone in the defence of the motherland.

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