Jordanian Author’s Book on Kashmir Crisis Launched

Written By: Muhammad Yusuf Malik

Launch ceremony of the book “Kashmir Crisis (Unresolved Issue of Muslim Ummah) Opinions & Analysis” written by Mr. Omar Mohammad Nazzal Al Armouti was held at Amman, Jordan on August 16, 2017. The event was attended by approximately 600 individuals from all walks of life including ministers, members of Jordanian parliament, think tanks, diplomatic community and Pakistani community, making it one of the biggest gatherings in Amman for any book launch.

This is the first ever book written by a Jordanian/Arab author in Arabic language on Kashmir crisis and the first book that has a comprehensive chapter of striking similarities between Palestine and Kashmir issue duly depicted through pictures. The book has been organized in three parts covering historical perspective, opinion of key influential figures and pictorial coverage of the issue, adequately addressing all the concerns of a general reader. Dignitaries present at the launch ceremony appreciated the efforts and dedication of Mr. Omer Muhammad Nazzal Al Armouti for publishing quality work on Kashmir issue for the orientation of Arab world.


jourdnaniaauthor.jpgMr. Armouti visited Kashmir till Line of Control (LoC) to interact with Kashmiri refugees, Kashmiri top leadership including the President and Prime Minister to have first-hand knowledge of the ground situation.

His Excellency Mr. Dr. Nabil Al Sharif, Ex Minister of Information condemned human rights violation in Indian Occupied Kashmir and appreciated the effort of Mr. Armouti in projecting Kashmir cause through his book.

His Excellency Mr. Zeid Ul Muhaisan, President Pakistan Graduate Club mentioned that Kashmir and Palestine issue must be resolved for peace in the region.

His Excellency Mr. Marwan Fauri, member of Global Moderation Forum said, “This is where our role at the world forums for mediation appears which is to defend every humanitarian issue by means of intellectual and cultural tools. Our role will be complementary to all international organizations and bodies that seek to delight mankind, bring justice and achieve peace in Kashmir.”

His Excellency, Senator Lieutenant General Dr. Ghazi Tayyab (R), Member of Congress voiced his concern over recent sufferings of Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir and hoped that this book written by Mr. Armouti would help in reviving the Kashmir issue.

Colonel Muhammad Yousaf Malik, from Embassy of Pakistan mentioned that in the recent uprising, after the killing of Burhan Wani in July 2016, there are serious human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir with a prolonged curfew. Mosques, schools, markets, telephones, internet and hospitals are closed. In the last one year, Indian security forces have killed more than 190 Kashmiris, wounded around 21,000 and blinded more than 1200 by use of pellet guns. It has been declared as the first biggest blinding activity of the human history by human rights organizations.

Mr. Omer Muhamamd Nazzal Al Armouti said, “The book will project Kashmir issue to the international community especially the Arab World.” He also mentioned that sufferings of people he had seen during his visit to Kashmir could not be explained in words.

His Excellency Lieutenant General Shafaat Ullah Shah (R), Ambassador of Pakistan to Jordan said, “Recent human rights’ violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir are serious in nature and deserve special attention of international community. The book written by Mr. Armouti will help in reviving the Kashmir issue in the Arab World.”


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