Yalghaar: Exterminating Enemies from the Soil

Written By: Maryam Razzaq

Pakistan’s Film Industry is developing by leaps and bounds, and it would be no exaggeration to call Yalghaar one of the most promising movies of the year so far. The movie by Hassan Waqas Rana not only made a big buzz in the Pakistani Box Office but also made an impact worldwide. The subject of the film is both timely and close to Pakistanis’ hearts. Yalghaar (assault/attack) is based on a true story: the story of a 76-hour long military operation successfully conducted by Pakistan Army in the ‘Piochar’ region of Swat.

Yalghaar goes on to follow the lives of the young, passionate officers and soldiers who are ever-ready to sacrifice their lives for the defence of their country and safety of their people. The movie is also a tribute to the slain children of the 2014 APS Attack. It connects with the masses and eloquently portrays the criminal psychology and the nefarious designs of the Taliban to implement self-conceived agenda. The movie revolves around the lives of the soldiers who when have to choose between family and country, choose Pakistan; for the very purpose of their existence lies in the security and wellbeing of their motherland.


yalgharrefilm.jpgThe movie features some of the top actors of the Pakistani media fraternity, with Shaan in the lead role and others including Humayun Saeed, Ayub Khoso, Adnan Siddiqui, Bilal Ashraf, Armeena Khan, Aleeze Nasser and Sana Bucha doing justice to their characters and bearing enormous energy and patriotism ever-to-doubt the realism of the events. The powerful direction coupled with highly professional cinematography made the film a treat to watch. The movie explicitly describes the valor, will and sacrifices of our soldiers and their families to harness peace and stability in our homeland and dispels all elements of evil forces trying to plague the social fabrics of our state.

The later half of the movie is captivating to the extent that will fill one’s heart with pride, and eyes with tears. The emotions exhibited by the actors and the resonance of the background music generates electrifying effects on the viewers especially the song ‘Ay Watan Pyaray Watan’ with its concept along with lyrical splendor and rhythmic brilliance compels re-watching the movie with same zeal and interest. The movie closes with the pictures of the APS Attack victims shaking one to the core and leaving the audience spellbound for hours.

The success of this movie is a testimony of the fact that people of Pakistan cherish and acknowledge the services of their Armed Forces in combating the menace of terrorism. Yalghaar is a must-watch for anyone who wants to fathom and appreciate the price our men in uniform pay for our safety.
A few comments from the viewers are as follows:


Abdul Muquisit: abdulmuq.jpgWe as a nation have come a long way. The uphill task of fighting and defeating our enemies at internal front has been commendably done by our Armed Forces. The menace of terrorism has been valiantly fought and Yalghaar in this respect is a phenomenal movie which not only revives patriotism in the hearts of the viewers but also highlights the struggle and sacrifice of our soldiers.


Sundas Shahid: Yalghaar is a star-studded action flick with a strong storyline. Tagline of the movie depicts that for a soldier, Pakistan is above everything and nothing can stop the soldiers from fulfilling their duties. When the nation needs them, they won’t think twice even if they have to sacrifice their lives. Director Hassan Rana wants us to realize what an average soldier goes through in order to serve the country while making decisions between his duty and family whilst we comfortably live our lives.


Mahram Razzaq: Yalghaar is literally a treat for one’s soul. It is a movie so close to reality, the reality that we are often ignorant of. It shows how difficult the life of a soldier is and how he’d always keep Pakistan before everything. The moral of the movie is clearly narrated that while we move on to live our lives fearlessly and comfortably, one shall never forget the sacrifices our officers and soldiers make for our safety. Yalghaar has a perfect splendor of drama, romance, light comedy and action. A wonderful job done by Hassan Rana and the team!


Ifrah Tabassum: Yalghaar is a major feat undertaken by its makers. And they did a superb job at that; handling a huge cast and also such a sensitive topic. Bilal Ashraf’s performance was particularly commendable. I hope to see more such ventures taken up by Pakistani film industry.


Marium Nida: As the words say, the movie Yalghaar literally turned out to be the most anticipated movie of the year. Each and every second of the movie got the adrenaline going and the selection of cast made it better. The storyline, scenes, sequence and the direction were amazing. In a nutshell, it was an amazing experience. Keep making such kind of movies.


Sarim Fatmi: Yalghaar, as the name depicts, is a symbol of aggression and will to fight against the enemies of Pakistan. The movie is a fine blend of sacrifices unsung heroes of Pakistan Army have made in war on terror and the brutality of terrorists. It also highlights how our fearless military stepped in to get the people out of despair. Yalghaar has all sorts of emotions; from love, humor to action and sacrifice that are deeply rooted inside a soldier. The leading roles in the movie are of General Officers that depict the tradition of 'leading from the front'.


Shaheera Hassan: The movie shows true picture of how much of a price military families pay, what circumstances they face when a husband, a father or a brother goes to operational areas. All this is heart-breaking yet inspiring.


Khushnood Baig: Yalghaar is an amazing movie. I simply loved it. Bravo!

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