July 2017(EDITION 07, Volume 54)
Written By: Maria Khalid
Primarily every country has the responsibility of maintaining peace within its geographical boundaries and holds itself accountable to keep the internal security mechanism smooth and effective. Pakistan’s decision to fight the menace of terrorism was extraordinary....Read full article
Written By: Lt Gen Talat Masood (R)
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was established in 2001, with the aim of countering extremism in the region and to strengthen border security. Its undeclared mission was also to act as a check against the growing influence of U.S. and NATO countries in the region.....Read full article
Written By: Lt Gen Tariq Waseem (R)
What is it that binds people together, year after year after year? A shared destiny, belief in a common cause, a unifying culture, cherished memories, and the strength that comes from an abiding relationship. This is the sum of a military professional’s espirit de corps, at the.....Read full article
Written By: Taj M. Khattak
Pakistan recently became a full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) after Foreign Affairs' Advisor, Mr. Sartaj Aziz signed a ‘Memorandum of Obligations’ (MoOs) at Heads of State Summit in Tashkent, Uzbekistan along with Foreign Ministers of six....Read full article
Written By: Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal
Since the beginning of twenty-first century the Middle Eastern nations have been encountering various subverting challenges. Militancy, domestic turmoil, struggles for regional hegemony, politics of intervention, sectarian animosity and Great Powers' interference....Read full article
Written By: Jennifer McKay
The Tochi Valley has had a long and colourful history. This beautiful valley, running from Bannu through Mir Ali and Miranshah, out to Degan, Boya and beyond, has seen many conflicts over the centuries. Today, it is at peace....Read full article
Written By: Rear Admiral Pervaiz Asghar (R)
Sea trade has been universally recognized as the principal driver of the global economy. It was however in the Indian Ocean that coastal trade as well as trans-oceanic passages are believed to have originated. This ocean is also unique in the sense that its wide expanse is enclosed....Read full article
Written By: Puruesh Chaudhary
Philosophers, military strategists, mathematicians and scientists have their own unique way of thinking, reasoning and inferring. It’s when that is applied in times of peace and war, it shapes our understanding of events and personalities......Read full article
Written By: Dr. Shahid Mahmud
To survive and thrive in the coming Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled exponential-disruption, governments must proactively deal with the challenges and opportunities posed by AI. The field of artificial intelligence is making breathtaking advances.....Read full article
Written By: Amir Atta
This is an exciting time as we are only on the cusp of what’s to come with artificial intelligence. The next decade is set to show off the biggest change in man’s way of life since the beginning of the industrial era.....Read full article
Written By: Abdullah Khan
There are many types of Indian intelligence involvement in Pakistan. It has a history of launching dirty games in Pakistan and it brought the worst kind of results in 1971 when East Pakistan defected to become Bangladesh because of India’s intelligence....Read full article
Written By: Maj Wajiha Arshad
Women empowerment is taken in true letter and spirit in Pakistan by enhancing and improving the social, economic, political and legal strengths of the women and to ensure fair opportunities for the women in all walks of life. Ever-increasing responsibilities and lesser....Read full article
Written By: Hira Sagheer
It is a day like any other. The bright midday sun filters through the thick white curtains and paints the room a pale yellow hue. I say midday because that is the time I usually wake up at. I sleepily stretch in bed and turn around to look at my side where my angel......Read full article
Written By: Maj Azeemullah Baig
The Spanish climber Alberto Zerain, after the summit, descended safely once the rope was intact at the traverse of the Bottleneck. After reaching back at Camp-IV he preferred to go down to Camp-III. The other climbers had reached .....Read full article

Besides safeguarding maritime interests of Pakistan, Pakistan Navy (PN) has always been at the forefront to conduct Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations overseas to extend support/help to international community. The resolve and commitment of Pakistan.........Read full article
Written By: Omair Alavi
Pakistan Cricket Team is one of its kind when it comes to world events – when the chips are down, they are the favorites but when they are the favorites, they usually exit badly. Who can forget the World Cup in 1992 where Imran Khan’s Tigers made a comeback from......Read full article
Hilal Desk
Hundreds of thousands of our soldiers are deployed at borders, LOC, battlefields and hard areas throughout the country. These brave men are carrying out various military operations on top of which lies Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad to permanently wipe terrorism......Read full article
Written By: Col Naiknam M.Baig
An emerging soldier artist defies the norms of art through his art of imperfection......Read full article
H.E Mr. Sun Weidong, Ambassador of China, called on General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee at Joint Staff Headquarters, Rawalpindi. Matters related to defence and....Read full article
Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Turkey on an official visit on June 20, 2017. On arrival, COAS visited Ataturk Mausoleum and laid floral wreath to pay homage to the father of Turkish nation and penned down his respects on the visitor....Read full article
Measures to improve security situation along the Pak-Afghan border continue. In line with the directions of COAS, phased fencing of entire Pak-Afghan border has commenced. In phase 1, high infiltration prone border areas in Bajaur....Read full article
Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah visited Sri Lanka and called on President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, State Minister of Defense, Dinendra Ruwan Wijewardene....Read full article
A free medical camp was established in a school building at Gudai and Chillim towns of District Astore in compliance with the directions of Commander FCNA from May 12-14, 2017. Keeping in view the....Read full article
Commander 10 Corps, Lieutenant General Nadeem Raza visited troops deployed along LOC in Iftikharabad Sector. He reviewed the operational preparedness and expressed his satisfaction on operational readiness and vigilance exercised by forward troops. Corps Commander.....Read full article
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