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Hundreds of thousands of our soldiers are deployed at borders, LOC, battlefields and hard areas throughout the country. These brave men are carrying out various military operations on top of which lies Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad to permanently wipe terrorism from the country. While these soldiers have vowed to sacrifice everything they have for this very homeland and its people, the nation stands with them in the fight against terrorism and has full confidence in their capabilities to defend every inch of the country. This Eid-ul-Fitr, we extend our heartiest greetings and strongest prayers to the valiant soldiers.


Eid Mubarak

jusciretnasira.jpgEid Mubarak to our valiant troops who are courageously defending our frontiers in these challenging times. Our security is being constantly threatened and attacked internally and externally by our enemies. The vigilant efforts of our Armed Forces have reduced terrorism in our country and made it possible for our citizens to breathe freely and lead their lives without fear. The stigma of being labeled as a war torn country has been removed through your unflinching sacrifices. We all pray that Allah Almighty may grant you more strength to protect our motherland. Amen!

Justice (retired) Nasira Javed Iqbal


sharifprofesor.jpgMy message is for those fortunate brethren who are out in the extreme cold and hot weathers to defend Pakistan all the way; who are out to stop the onslaught permanently; who have stopped the return of the dark ages at Pakistan’s frontiers; who have shunned comforts of life so that we may live in peace with our folk and families, toddlers and teenagers, women and off springs in our lovely homes and neighborhoods. To those who have made all this possible, your scarifices shall never be forgotten. Eid Mubarak!

Prof Sharif-ul-Mujahid (Eminent author and HEC distinguished national professor)


shahzad_nawaz.jpgMy beloved soldiers, it is my privilege to be greeting you this Eid-ul-Fitr. On this joyous day, I also wish to remind you that you are our pride manning our frontiers, celebrating Eid away from homes in remotest parts of this beautiful land with vigil, honor and courage. Do know that Pakistan is indebted to you; your people are grateful to you, and your family is not just your blood ones but also the ones who are related to you because of this common bond of love called Pakistan. God bless you. God bless Pakistan.

Shehzad Nawaz (Filmmaker, actor, singer, graphic designer)


asimulhaq.jpgI wish Eid Mubarak to each and everyone of you; may all of you have a very blessed Eid. You are the real heroes who put their lives on frontline each and everyday so we can live ours and breathe in a peaceful country. I would like to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart for protecting us and providing a safety wall against all domestic and international enemies. The reason we are still on map of the world is because of you and the sacrifices you have made for us and continue to make every day. I salute you!

Aisam-ul-Haq (International Tennis player)


shaikjaved.jpgIn the heart of 200 million, one of the very few institutions left to be proud of is the Armed Forces of Pakistan for their credibility, courage, honesty and discipline. I salute them for fighting on so many fronts to make Pakistan safe from the evils.

Ay watan kay sajeelay jawano

Meri duwain tumharay liye hain

God Bless Pakistan Armed Forces!

Javed Sheikh (Actor, Film Director and Producer)


moeenali.jpgOur soldiers keep us safe and secure every day and thus we can walk safely, drive safely and live our lives doing extraordinary things. Even in times of extraordinary joy, while we celebrate our festivities on Eid day, our soldiers are sacrificing their Eid and their time with families for us. May Allah bless and protect them. Thank you for keeping us and our children safe.

Ali Moeen Nawazish (Academic, columnist)


bilalashraf.jpgI wish our forces a very very Happy Eid. It's because of their sacrifices and commitment to protect Pakistan that we can celebrate Eid with our families. May Allah bless our Army. Pakistan Zindabad!

Bilal Ashraf (Actor)


afrazadiah.jpgFor our brave soldiers who put their lives at risk so that we can sleep safe in our homes; for our courageous fighters who are away from their families and loved ones on this Eid; for our valiant heroes who choose our comfort, happiness and safety over their own. On this Eid the Pakistani nation is beholden to your courage and selflessness. With prayers, love and gratitude, a heartfelt Eid Mubarak!

Adiah Afraz (Professor, editor, writer)


shafqatamant.jpgAy watan k sajeelay jawano

Mere naghmay tumharay liye hain

This is not a song, these are my true feelings. I salute my brave soldiers who are defending our borders to make sure we can observe Ramadan peacefully and celebrate Eid with our families. You're always in our prayers. Keep defending this country and making us proud. God be with you!

Shafqat Amanat Ali (Singer)


omerayesha.jpgFestivities like Eid are one celebration that bring all of Pakistan together yet our soldiers deployed on borders and on various other missions stand alert to protect us round the clock. All throughout my childhood my grandmother would tell me stories of how strong our soldiers are and how they sacrifice important events and celebrations with their families for the safety of our nation. The immense pride I feel when I think about the sacrifices of our soldiers leaves me with a hope of a better and a stronger country for all Pakistanis. So on this Eid, let’s celebrate the dedication and patriotism of our soldiers and their families and let’s pray for their safety and security. I wish the whole nation a blessed Eid-ul-Fitr with the faith of better and peaceful days ahead.

Ayesha Omar (Actress)


aizaazam.jpgAs a nation that has been at war for last sixteen years now, our joyous occasions are often bittersweet. Even as we celebrate, we are reminded of our fallen soldiers and of the loved ones they leave behind. This Eid-ul-Fitr let us each take a moment to remember them once again. Pray for our martyrs and their families; pray for those still deployed defending our land with their lives; offer thanks for each day we are able to continue because of them; and never forget the debt of gratitude this nation owes them. May the Almighty accept their sacrifices and keep our motherland safe from all evils.

Aiza Azam (Professor)


abdulmuqeet.jpgWhile the soldiers of Pakistan Army are ever ready to respond and thwart aggression by enemy at borders, I am waiting for my turn to be selected to join them and become a member of the prestigious Armed Forces who fear none but Allah. The determination and sacrifice they offer is unmatched. The whole nation stands with them shoulder-to-shoulder and feels proud of them. Eid Mubarak from the nation to its brave sons of soil.

Abdul Muqueet (Student)

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