Pragmatic Approach Towards Regional Peace

Primarily every country has the responsibility of maintaining peace within its geographical boundaries and holds itself accountable to keep the internal security mechanism smooth and effective. Pakistan’s decision to fight the menace of terrorism was extraordinary in nature and vital for regional and world peace. Pakistan has paid a huge price in last sixteen years for peace with an unwavering resolve. Pakistan Armed Forces with full backing of the entire nation offered unparalleled sacrifices and resultantly achieved phenomenal successes against terrorism. This war is yet not over and Pakistan Armed Forces in coordination with other Law Enforcement Agencies are conducting Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad with full gusto. This is our unflinching commitment to rid the country from the barbaric forces of disorder and restore complete normalcy.

Pakistan has also rendered full cooperation to other regional countries in the war against terrorism. Contrary to the spirit, sufficient evidences prove that terrorists use sanctuaries inside Afghanistan to launch/support/coordinate attacks in Pakistan. To address this issue, Pakistan has started to work on comprehensive border security measures along the entire Pak-Afghan international border including fencing; starting from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the north and extending the work through Balochistan. It is in the interest of Afghanistan and ‘Resolute Support Mission’ forces operating inside Afghanistan to support such measures. The efficacy of such measures will also end the cross-border infiltration, and hence the ‘blame game’. This proves our sincerity and a pragmatic approach to ensure enduring peace and stability.

Notwithstanding above, the almost routine accusations of Kabul blaming Pakistan for ‘undeclared war of aggression’ do not hold any ground. It has been repeatedly underscored that the situation in Afghanistan results from internal factors and the intertwined security threats have far-reaching implications for regional peace and security. While Pakistan has made unparalleled sacrifices in the war against terrorism, it also has the major stakes in the peace and stability in Afghanistan. COAS in a recent statement said that while counter-terrorism efforts by Pakistan continue, it is time now for the other stakeholders to ‘Do More’. He also said, “We consider Afghanistan as a brotherly neighbor and terrorists are our common enemy. The threat thus requires a trust based coordinated response rather than blame game or unwarranted skirmishes.”

To proceed further on agenda of regional peace and stability, it is essential for Afghanistan and other stakeholders to review the failures and shortcoming in more pragmatic and realistic way. It is rationality and prudence that will serve the peace and not ‘blame game’ or whimsical aggressive posturing. Any action by anyone that undermines our efforts will be highly counter-productive and against the mutual interest of bringing peace and stability in the region. In the global arena, instead of vigorous haughty proclivity, serious efforts for peace and restraint are required to responsibly react to the emerging issues. There is a need to forge a convergence or work plan in coordination with all stakeholders to facilitate the peacemaking efforts instead of further escalating the crisis. In the current scenario, display of prudence, restraint and dialogue has a massive potential to resolve regional and global issues with a collective approach.

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