April 2017(EDITION 04, Volume 54)
Written By: Maria Khalid
In the recent years Pakistan has achieved multiple successes in its war against terror. However, we are aware of the fact that there exist certain internally motivated and externally supported people who keep attempting to disrupt national peace and to kill....Read full article
Written By: Lt Gen Shafaat Ullah Shah (R)
There is an ongoing debate in Jordan amongst scholars on the clear definition of extremism prominently iterated in a news item published in the February 28th issue of Jordan Times, stating that....Read full article
Written By: Brian Cloughly
In May 2016, India’s Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, established a committee with the remit to “Recommend Measures to Enhance Combat Capability and Re-balance Defence Expenditure of the Armed Forces”. Its Chairman, Lt Gen (Retd) D.B. Shekatkar....Read full article
Written By: Didier Chaudet
When one talks about Afghanistan’s regional environment, one thinks first of Iran, Pakistan, and Central Asian countries: they have been the ones suffering the most of the Afghan wars and foreign interventions. But it would be a mistake to forget two other neighbours....Read full article
Written By: Dr. Minhas Majeed Khan
Pakistan-Afghanistan relations have always seen ups and downs due to various reasons. Although, there have remained several expressions of friendly relations from the leadership of both the countries from time to time, the mistrust and blame game towards each other....Read full article
Written By: Sagheer Ahmed
In recent times the notion of power has seen some fundamental changes. One, hard power alone may not guarantee victory as in most cases political ends are not achievable through sheer application of military force. Nor necessarily does the stronger ....Read full article
Written By: Tooba Khurshid
Kashmir dispute is a major source of tension between India and Pakistan since 1947. The issue is also one of the oldest items on the agenda of the United Nations (UN). Despite numerous significant resolutions and debates on Kashmir, the issue still stands unresolved. Many.....Read full article
Written By: Muhammad Azam Khan
Globalization describes the era that is emerging from the shattered glacis of the old Cold War divide. As a process of growing international activity in many areas, globalization is creating ever closer ties, enhanced interdependence, and greater opportunity....Read full article
Written By: Maria Khalid
March 23, 2017 dawned with 31 gun salutes in the federal capital and 21 gun salutes in the provincial capitals as per the tradition. The sun and marching columns rose from the east, half covered with clouds and morning breeze fluttering the flags held....Read full article
Written By: Sadia Sattar
On a beautiful morning of 23 March 2017, I uttered these words expressing my heart and soul. These were not the words of a routine TV commentary I was doing, but were articles of faith for me. Such is the depth and intensity of love I share with millions.....Read full article
Written By: Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri
Ever went to a physician and asked her/him to prescribe you some medicine for any disease? Any disease, because you don’t know what is wrong with you? You even don’t know the symptoms of your ailment? And you are not sure how you are different from....Read full article
Khurum Khan and Muhammad Feroze Khan
The estimated mid-2015 population in Pakistan stands at 199.0 million, which ranks 6th amongst the highest populated countries in the world following China, India, United States, Indonesia and Brazil. With the ongoing pace and momentum the population of Pakistan....Read full article
Written By: Taj M. Khattak
After hanging on to this falsehood for years, Indian Navy finally stated the truth after destroying all records pertaining to the incident when its former naval chief Admiral Arun Prakash declared in a national.....Read full article
Written By: Prof. Sharif al Mujahid
Abdullah Haroon was actively associated with the All India Muslim League (AIML) for barely five years (1937-42), yet he stood high in its second cadre leadership echelons from 1938 onwards. All said and done, what had set him apart was essentially his pioneering role in conceptualizing.....Read full article
Written By: Noureen Ehsan
During the last decade, the threat of terrorism has evolved into a multifaceted complex riddle where various ideological dogmas are colliding violently, turning the world into a battlefield. In this precarious situation, another type of terrorism has emerged quietly.....Read full article

Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Federal Defence Minister, called on General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee at Joint Staff Headquarters, Rawalpindi. Matters.....Read full article
Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited China during a 3 days official tour. The visit included his interactions with Chinese senior political and military.....Read full article
Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Bahawalpur Garrison on March 28, 2017. He was given detailed briefing on operational preparedness, ongoing internal security operations and other aspects of Corps functioning....Read full article
Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Headquarters Special Security Division (SSD). On arrival, COAS was received by GOC SSD Major General Abid Rafique....Read full article
Russian Military delegation headed by Deputy Chief of General Staff, Colonel General Israkov Sergi Yuryevich visited Miran Shah, North Waziriastan Agency. The delegation was briefed about Pakistan Army's efforts....Read full article
Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah was conferred with U.S. Legion of Merit by United States Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson, in an impressive ceremony held at US Navy Yard....Read full article
Pakistan Army Air Defence is undergoing regime transformation with induction of long range weapon systems on its inventory. In this context, first combat unit of LY-80 Low to Medium Altitude Air Defence System.....Read full article
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