Chasing Down the Terror

Written By: Lt Col Malik Noor Mohammad (R)

From a veteran’s pen who shares account of his valiant martyred son.

On January 18, 1983 in Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Multan, amidst people waiting to be examined or to visit their relatives, I was waiting patiently for my son. At 05:45 hours I finally got the news of his birth. No one knew the future of this baby; only Allah Almighty knew as He himself had written his fate.


chasindownthe.jpgAs he grew up, his determination to join Pakistan Army also became intense. He applied for 107th PMA Long Course and after clearing the preliminary tests he proceeded for the final test at Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB), Malir Cantonment. He had to stay there for four days as per the scheduled tests. On the third day he got seriously injured while participating in ‘group task’ test in the field; he received injury on his leg and his shin bone was affected badly. The administrative staff of ISSB decided to send him back as he would not have been able to do well in the leftover tests where complete physical fitness was required. This decision was communicated to Jahanzeb but he refused to go back and pleaded that he wanted to appear in all the tests. On his insistence he was produced before the President of ISSB Malir Cantonment Brigadier Shafqat. Before the President he said, “I would prefer to die in ISSB rather than going back home as an unsuccessful candidate”. He further said, “I would only go back if I am called back by my father”. Considering his high morale, strong motivation and enormous enthusiasm, the President allowed him to continue the remaining tests at his own risk. He had a bandage wrapped around his injured leg firmly and started taking his remaining tests. He was selected for the army, completed his training and joined 3 Frontier Force Regiment.

Much later, Major Jahanzeb Adnan joined his parent unit as Delta Company Commander in Frontier Region (FR) Peshawar to take part in the war against terrorism. 3 Frontier Force (FF) Regiment was given the responsibility to clear the terrorists from the area starting from Bara extending upto Dara Adam Khel. Major Jahanzeb Adnan initially conducted operations as a company commander and later on he was appointed second-in-command of his battalion. Besides his administrative duties he volunteered to participate in field operations. He was an exceptionally brave, highly consummate, professionally trustworthy and extremely determined officer. The spirit of sacrifice, devotion and commitment to the motherland and professional excellence displayed by him in different operations against the terrorists had always been admired by his superior commanders. While discharging his duties he participated in various operations and led his troops from the front.


chasindownthe1.jpgIn the last operation he conducted, he led his troops and moved to Bazargai village, a continuation of Hasan Khel village near Khikanaboo Hills. Because of increased terrorist activities in Frontier Region Peshawar, Operation Bazargai was planned as that village was being used as an operational and administrative base by the miscreants. On February 16, 2014, I received a message from my son with a request to pray for his success as he was on the move for an important operation.

Major Jahanzeb Adnan took fifty soldiers along with another field officer Major Siraj-un-Nabi. They carried out a classic march and reached near Bazargai village on February 17 at 0800 hours. As per source information terrorists were to come out on February 18 so he moved to Azakhel Dam. He was on the move throughout the day and reached Azakhel Dam at night where he carried out search operations and managed to clear Azakhel village. Without taking rest, early in the morning he moved back to Bazargai village. On reaching Bazargai, Major Jahanzeb confirmed the presence of terrorists and regrouped his troops. One party under Major Siraj-un-Nabi was sent by him to cordon off the village. Major Jahanzeb Adnan took along a few soldiers and decided to smash the terrorists himself.

When he was establishing his positions he suddenly saw a few terrorists headed by their leader, Tariq (alias Hazrat Ali), the most notorious miscreant who had been involved in many terrorist activities (including slitting throats of Pakistan Army soldiers and FC troops) entering the street of Bazargai village. Major Jahanzeb recognized him and ran towards him in order to not miss the opportunity of killing that high value target. While attacking the terrorist, he yelled, shouted and challenged him to surrender. In the process, Major Jahanzeb fired at him and the terrorist received bullet on left arm, ran for cover like the coward he was and managed to get into a shop to save his skin. During the scuffle the other terrorists fired at Major Jahanzeb who was alone at that time as his other comrades got pinned down due to intense fire. He got severe injuries but he returned fire on the other terrorists. Subsequently he managed to kill all of them.

After elimination of those terrorists, Major Jahanzeb followed the terrorist leader and entered the shop. During this encounter Major Jahanzeb also got a burst of fire by few other terrorists seeking hideout inside the same shop. He received seven bullets, one in the head and six on the body and succumbed to his injuries, embracing shahadat on the spot. He did not fall down but stood firmly on his feet with his back touching the wall. Out of fifty soldiers only he embraced shahadat and nobody else was injured. His last fight was a supreme act of valour and I am proud of my son who laid down his life in the defence of Pakistan.

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  • Comment Link Ali Jabir Ali Jabir 05 April 2017

    Asalam o Alaikum Sir! You are the world's luckiest father who Allah bestowed with such a valiant, brave and handsome son who was crazy for his motherland. Sir! Every Pakistani wishes to sacrifice his son on this great country but only a few are chosen by Allah for this supreme sacrifice. I believe that our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and his companions would have met him in Jannah because martyrs like your son are the real martyrs of Islam. Hazrat Imam Hussain would have led him on a visit of the paradise. Sir! I am a small student, I have no words to explain my gratitude to Allah and then to patriots like you are and not even the pain that other Pakistanis who feel the same pain as I do when we see such great sons sacrificing their lives for Pakistan. Pakistan is Pakistan today just because of people like you otherwise we have no other hope for our survival except Pakistan Army. I pray to Allah that may his soul rest in peace and also bestow his never ending blessings on you and your family. Ameen
    Regards Ali Jabir

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