Written By: Huma Kirmani

December 16, a denounced day
Peshawar, the city of roses
Sparked fears of terrorism
Holocaust the angelic smiles of young hearts
Misery of thy cowardice
Assassination of hope
Terrorists and their formidable eye
Peshawar suffered a hemorrhage
Countless coffins that eve of parting
As earth had gotten fragrance of martyrdom
Blossoms of innocence
The mournful gloom did nothing to squash thee high spirits
Martyrs never die
But the villains do
Yet crucified on pedestal of Infamy
Divine fate of burning at stake
Ah! APS, Peshawar
Exquisite slogan of terrorism
So far the path was dark
Thus far, I slowly found my way
The villains were blackballed by youth, APS Peshawar
Kudos to the blossoms
Who dwindled away the dust of time
Immortal memories of past recollection
As roses were sown in blood
In Milton’s words;
“All is not lost, the unconquerable will”
New roses blossom far across
Shines Pakistan!


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