Excerpts from DG ISPR’s Briefing on April 17, 2017

Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad Strategy
End State
A stable, peaceful and normalized Pakistan with terrorists' freedom of action significantly curtailed through a comprehensive approach of consolidating gains in the Western Zone, cleansing terrorist support base, illegal weapons and explosives control in the country, thereby restoring public's confidence.

Stable, peaceful and a normalized Pakistan
Only the state has the authority to use force.
Stabilization of Western Zone – Denial of freedom of action to terrorists.
Dismantling terrorist support base in heartland – Dilution of residual potential of terrorists.
Support implementation of National Action Plan as whole-of-nation approach.
Support policy initiatives included national counter narrative.
Army fights the terrorists; terrorism and extremism are fought by the Law Enforcement Agencies (whole-of-nation approach).

Broad spectrum security/Counter Terrorism (CT) operations by Rangers in Punjab, continuation of ongoing operations across the country.
Focus on more effective Pakistan-Afghanistan border security management.
Countrywide de-weaponization and explosive control long term reforms.



Border Management
Total border FATA / KP - 1172 Km (Total border with Afghanistan 2611 Km)
Fenceable area - 744 Km
Non Fenceable area (Dir/Chitral) - 428 Km
Pri 1 (Bajaur, Mohmand, Khyber) - 100 Km

Border Posts/Forts
Completed - 43
Under construction - 63
Pipeline - 338 (2019)

6th Population and Housing Census commenced on March 15, 2017. Census process is divided into two phases spread over 72 days with a 10 day gap in between the phases. There are total 168,274 blocks, 20645 circles, 3312 charge and 458 census districts in the country. First phase of census which commenced on March 15 successfully completed despite few odd attempts to disrupt the process. 7 soldiers laid their lives including 5 victims of Lahore suicide bomber attack while 15 (9 suicide bomber attack, 6 road accidents) were injured. Phase 2 is commencing from April 25 to May 25. Army considers this a national undertaking and will do everything that is necessary for accomplishment of the process.

Development Work (Countrywide including FATA)
o Infrastructure - 86 Projects
o Roads: Constructed - 14820 Kms; Ongoing - 1363 Kms; Total - 16183 Kms
o Bridges - 833 Nos
o Build operate transfer projects - 9 Nos
o Thermal Projects - 26 Nos
o Air Fds - 62 Nos
o Rly Projects - 376 Kms
o Laying Fiber Optics - 6910 Kms
o Tunnels - 15 Nos
o Canals - 533 Kms
Schools/Colleges FATA Specific
o New - 67 Nos
Cadet Colleges - 4 Nos
Others - 63 Nos
o Reconstructed - 147 Nos
Health Related Projects
o Water Supply System (WSS)
11 Major Projects (Including Projects like Gomal Zam Dam, Khanpur Dam, Kurram Tangi Dam)
343 Water Supply Systems all over FATA/Balochistan
o Children Studying in APS&C Across Pakistan
FATA - 1195 Nos
Studying in APS - 545 Nos
Chamlang Students - 4375 Nos



o Pakistan Army is a state institution working for security and stability as force of peace and order, and acknowledges support of the nation which is hallmark of our commitment and motivation.
o Radd-ul-Fasaad is an operation in which every Pakistani is a soldier. We have to clear Pakistan of Fasaad and Fassadies together while staying united.
o Social media has become a menace because of its misuse. We must educate ourselves especially youth for its purposeful use rather than falling prey to hostile agenda/design.

Thanks to all stakeholders for supporting Army and participating in Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad.


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