September 2015(EDITION 3, Volume 52)
Kanwal Kiani
In spite of both external and internal challenges, this 6 September we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Defence Day with a renewed confidence and self-belief that we are a nation no different from 1965. The September is characterized....Read full article
Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmed, Retd
At about 1300 hours on 6th September, General Officer Commanding 15 Division, Major General Niranjan Prasad, reported that the situation in his Sector was desperate on account of heavy casualties....Read full article
Brian Cloughley
India’s advance was blunted and the defenders were able to hold their positions and prevent penetration of the vital ground between Sialkot and Lahore. It appears that the Indian aim was simply to attack....Read full article
Brig (R) Usman Saeed
Our army museums have the war trophies in the form of Indian captured tanks, vehicles, RRs and above all the jeep of Major General Niranjan Prasad GOC 15 Indian Division which he abandoned with maps on Wagah–Lahore....Read full article
Brig (R) Farooq Afzal (Sitara-e-Jurat)
Throughout these bloody days, Maj Shabir Sharif stood like a rock, reckoned for his strong nerves, boldness and bravery with admirable leadership qualities. He embraced Shahadat with....Read full article
Brig. (Retd) Liaqat Bokhari (Sitara-e-Jurat)
During his visit to Bangladesh in June 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has openly admitted that India played an important role in breakup of East Pakistan in 1971 – in a way he was admitting that India was involved in the massacre....Read full article
Khalid Muhammad
We can safely say that the operation itself has broken the back of the TTP operationally and strategically: the loss of the bases in North Waziristan and Tirah Valley, the elimination of public support....Read full article
Maria Khalid
You decipher a military man’s life, there is a narration of many heroic acts and unbelievable stories. Such is the life of a military man that makes him un-common among the common and extra ordinary....Read full article
Lt Col Amer Islam
The building of Ministry of Environment in Islamabad was set ablaze. This was July 2007. Terrorists had taken refuge in the religious seminary and were using hundreds of students as human shields. Lt Col Haroon Islam, the Commanding Officer of the Anti-Terrorist Unit was....Read full article
Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal
Islamabad’s transparent policy about its NCA, SPD, PNRA, NEMS and SECDIV; its practical initiatives to carryout international obligations under the UNSC Resolution 1540, CSI and GICNT; its relative openness in explaining its command and control structures....Read full article
Dr. Sania Nishtar
The SDGs draw attention to myriad issues, in which our country is already mired. Pakistan should accord attention to the SDGs for reasons beyond its responsibility as a member of the comity of nations given that the aspirations....Read full article
Brig (Retd) Mehboob Qadir
Moved by this startling disclosure, I started off in earnest but regrettably that Indian officer turned out to be more an insensitive self-seeker rather than one genuinely concerned. It was so distressing to see men....Read full article
Dr. Amineh Hoti
The Rohingya — described by the international media and human rights organizations as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world — have been denied citizenship and expelled from the country they live in i.e. Burma or Mayanmar (neighbouring Bangladesh). Technically, this....Read full article
Amir Zia
In today’s context, these forces remain bitterly opposed to the Pakistan Armed Forces. For pseudo liberals, the security forces are the main stumbling block in their designs to make frontiers between Pakistan and India irrelevant....Read full article

Captain Hercharn Singh Arora
For me, Pakistan Army is a proud motherly institution that has never discriminated anyone on basis of religion, caste or creed. The only factor that prevails in Pakistan Army is ‘Love for Pakistan....Read full article
Zubair Torwali
Had the Pakistan Army not been present in Swat then we would still have been walking miles to fetch some food. In the aftermath of the floods a man of Utror had to walk 70 kilometers to fetch the food for his family. In a period....Read full article
Madeeha Raza
Walking into the cinema theatre to watch a Pakistani film has become a significant choice considering the loopholes of Pakistani entertainment perceptions. The wow factor coming to light is the increase in the cinema going culture, which has shed light upon some....Read full article
Ali Moeen Nawazish
Be it internationally or locally, we need to make sure that we turn our own people into our future leaders and that we make sure we help them along the way, through....Read full article
Commander Kamran Christy Munir
Somewhere in the middle of last year while browsing through my facebook page something grabbed my attention. The picture and caption was tempting enough for a click and I read through the article. The caption read, “Pakistan One of the Most Dangerous Countries for Minorities”. Belonging....Read full article
Maj Anil Kummar
I am a Hindu but I am Pakistani first; as my other fellow Pakistanis are – Pakistan binds us all in the same pearl irrespective of our caste or creed. Pakistan Armed Forces are my second identity....Read full article
Col Sajid Muzaffar Chaudhry
The terrorists were now holed up in two caves and had cover from fire. One of the party was eliminated by a JCO of Khyber Rifles, who crawled closer to the cave, under fire, and fired a....Read full article
Cdr (Retd) Muhammad Azam Khan
As the flames continued to rise and explosions from burning vehicles persisted, three college personnel lay dead along with two attackers whose shredded body pieces were strewn in a vast area....Read full article
Prof. Khurram Ali Khan
After an initial reluctance, the Government of Pakistan decided to initiate an offensive operation in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) along Pakistan-Afghanistan border to eliminate terrorism. The operation in NWA has been code named as....Read full article
On August 27, Gen Raheel Sharif, coas visited Shawal Valley, North Waziristan and spent whole day interacting with troops actively participating in operation Zarb-e-Azb. COAS directed the troops to comprehensively cleanse the terrorists....Read full article
Besides rooting out terrorism from the country through military operations, Pakistan Army also took initiatives for de-radicalization and rehabilitation of particularly those who decided to renounce militancy. Pakistan Army has established....Read full article
On August 25, Gen Raheel Sharif, COAS visited Karachi and was briefed about the significant improvement in security environments. COAS also approved increase in number of military courts at Karachi to handle pending/outstanding cases....Read full article
Ferraries (armed militants) after surrendering the weapons, holding Pakistani flags on August 14, 2015, Balochistan....Read full article
Indonesian Navy Ship KRI Bangarmasin-592 carrying 99 Naval cadets visited Pakistan to participate in various training exercises and other activities. Discussion on Maritime Security and Amphibious Operations was also held. Cadets from Pakistan.....Read full article
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    just want to say thing and nothing else that "MY LOVE MY LIFE IS MY PAKISTAN

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